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An Author’s Evening with Martina Formanova moderated by Barbora Krupkova

On the evening of Wednesday, March 27th, 2024, at 7:00 PM, the Czech Center New York hosted a delightful Author’s Evening featuring the esteemed Czech writer Martina Formanová. Moderated by the talented actress Barbora Křupková, the event offered an intimate and humorous exploration of Martina’s literary journey.

Martina Formanová charmed the audience with her wit and storytelling prowess as she delved into her latest books and shared insights from her remarkable journey. From her roots in Brno, Czech Republic, to her encounters with the renowned film director Miloš Forman in the United States, Martina’s anecdotes were both inspiring and entertaining.

The evening began with a warm introduction by publisher Jiří Buřič, setting the stage for an engaging dialogue led by Barbora Křupková. Barbora’s charm and versatility as a moderator added an extra layer of delight to the event, creating a beautiful atmosphere filled with laughter and meaningful conversations.

Attendees were treated to a memorable experience as Martina Formanová’s literary achievements, combined with Barbora Křupková’s engaging moderation, offered a unique glimpse into the world of literature and creativity. From discussions on screenwriting at Prague’s renowned Film Academy (FAMU) to Martina’s life in Connecticut and New York, the audience gained new perspectives and insights into Martina’s creative process and personal journey.

Did you miss this delightful event, or perhaps you’re eager to bring Martina to your city? Reach out to us, and let’s explore the possibilities together! In the meantime, take a moment to explore our gallery from the event, beautifully photographed by Bruce Bybee.

The evening with the writer Martina Formanová in New York was enjoyable thanks to her humor, openness, and storytelling skills. Actress Barbora Křupková moderated brilliantly 👏. Jiří Buřič introduced the audiobooks, including the one he has already published and the one he is currently preparing with Martina 📚🎧.

Miroslav Konvalina, Czech Center NYC

Soo much fun to see Czech friends and chat!!
Thanks Miroslav Konvalina for organizing an evening about literature, audiobooks and more, thanks Barbora Krupkova for masterfully navigating the event, and thanks Czech Center New York for hosting us. And all of you who came☺️🌸🎊🙋‍♀️

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