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Anna Eliasova

Communications & Marketing

Brief info

Anna, with a foundation in classical music through her studies in clarinet at the conservatory, transitioned to discover her true passion for creativity. As a travel blogger, she embarked on a transformative journey in Spain, residing there for four years. During her stay, she not only immersed herself in the local culture but also honed her skills in graphic design and overall marketing while working with Spanish and international companies.

Anna's enthusiasm extends to social media, where she completed a specialized course for Instagram and became a freelancer. Whether sharing captivating photos and videos or crafting engaging content for her travel blog, she finds joy in connecting with her audience online. An avid art enthusiast, Anna is thrilled to harmonize her newfound creative path with her roots in classical music and her connection to Jana and her NU AVE ART, merging two passions that have shaped her artistic journey from the very beginning.

Artist Management & Production Company

+1 (973) 810-6144