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Poetry Jukebox

What is it?

It resembles a submarine periscope. Or a subway exhaust. But it can talk, sing and make you dance. Or just stop for the moment. Poetry Jukebox. Deeply connected with the place where it grows from. A medium for history, identity and the spirit of the place. Songs, poems, stories. About the past, present and future. To inform, to entertain, to promote and pay respect. The possibilities are endless.

How it works?

In the new age of alternative sources of power, the Poetry Jukebox embodies pure green energy. It needs no battery or electricity connection. It’s a 100% human-powered device. By turning the crank handle the user creates enough energy to play a 2-3 minute of various sounds.

Thanks to that, it can stand in the city center as well as in the middle of a forest, work day and night, during bright sunshine and even in the middle of a snow storm.

(Hi)story teller

Poetry Jukebox contains 20 tracks and not only poems. Poetry is everything which delivers feeling, creates atmosphere, or provides knowledge. It can tell a brief history of the place: Who the founders were. What are the reasons for which the place, buildings, the company, or the business were all built for.

Community tool

The dramaturgy of the Poetry Jukebox can pay respect to local communities as well as serve to promote their activities. With the possibility of updating the dramaturgy, it is a valuable tool for local culture activists and community organizations.

Art for Public Spaces

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